The floor goes through a lot every day, a statement that is a truth no matter where you are right now. Malls, airports, railway heads, supermarkets, and just about any place gets a large amount of footfall. In fact, your floor at home gets all kinds of people walking all over them. They come from outside and bring all sorts of foreign agents inside and directly onto the floor.

During the current scenario, it is important to stay away from the germs as much as possible. But what can you do with the floor that is prone to germ build-up? Well, there is a solution for everything! You can opt for germ shield tiles.  Yes, you read it right!

These tiles have an amazing capability of resisting microbial growth. Think about it.

When that option is actually available for use at home, why should you not make use of that? This blog discusses how you can build your home better with germ shield tiles for your home.

The Tile Innovation

While tiles have been quite fascinating in their nature and in the way that they are built, the latest innovation in their casting has made a lot of good changes. Newer and more improved tiles are now built to have more resistance towards germs that may grow on the floor. This is especially good for homes with small children and elderly people who are prone and more susceptible to bacterial and viral attacks on their health.

The Creation and Use Of These Tiles

While you cannot really stop people from bringing microbes with them, you surely can stop their growth on your floor. With the use of germ shield or anti-germ tiles, you are essentially protecting your floor and the people in your home from any danger.

How does it happen?

During the making and finishing of tiles, the tiles receive anti-microbial treatment in the form of new materials and a safe, top coating, both of which combine to bring out the best results.

Not only does this work in your home, but will also work great in your bathroom. While it is a common misconception that the water closet in your bathroom has the most bacteria, the truth is that the bathroom floor is more susceptible to microbial contamination. However, the new and improved tiles of the day actually work towards restricting that growth.

Not just that, even the kitchen floor, which is known for having accidental spills and unknown food dropping incidents every day, gets the advantage of restricted microbial growth. While the top layer helps you get free of stain quick, the antibacterial layer of the tile does not allow for any build-up to take place. Not only is that hygienic on many levels, but because of no bacterial growth, there is no odour too.

Germ shield tiles are a grand innovation in the world of flooring because they don’t need any sunlight or moisture control to work. All of our anti-germ tiles for home at Somany Ceramics work in all conditions of sunlight and moisture in the house without any compromise on the look of your home. Visit your nearest tile dealer and ask for Somany Ceramics’ range of anti-germ/ germ shield tiles today.