Appropriate Usage of Kitchen Tiles

With the frequent use of Marble and granite in our homes from the ages, we are switching towards tiles and ceramics. The reason behind the emergence of use of tiles in our homes is because of the ever changing fashion and convenience. Earlier, Marble and Granite were used because of the fact that there was no easy availability of tiles and affordability. As the time passed the Ceramic Industry started booming because of introduction of new age machinery and better quality standards. Tiles Industry started manufacturing new kind and type of tiles on regular basis because of the innovation and development in techniques.

The kitchen is the only place in the house that can have different types of tiles, in varied applications and they all will enhance your kitchen tiles beautifully. When choosing kitchen tile for home just consider where it is going to go first. Glossy tiles for wall will not be the same as floor tile. Floor tile has to be safe to walk on, and glossy could be unsafe to walk on. Consider these tips before choosing the right application and type for tile for your home.

Determine the location

Before selecting a material you will need to decide what surface the tile will be applied. Tiles could be placed as a backsplash behind a gas cabinet or on wall under the side of the upper cabinets. Tile is a popular material, and can also be used on the kitchen floor.

Analyse the difference between ‘Tiles’

The word ‘tile’ refers to a pliable material that can be laid in rows over a surface. It is frequently noticed that people are confused in installing the type of tile and pattern for their home. For kitchens, this could include: stone, bamboo pattern, ceramic material and glass surface. Materials like vinyl and cork are most commonly used in flooring the tile. Glass tiles are frequently reserve for walls and backsplashes. Kitchen tiles India is very distinct and wide in variety.

Determine your budget before choosing a right tile

Tiles are inexpensive material, but when it comes to quality they varies from product to product. The material such as vinyl and linoleum tiles or they can be expensive, such as custom designed ceramic tiles. Do your homework and look for your budget before getting into the tile design and pattern.

Choose a tile that can withstand your family habits

When choosing a floor tile it has to be durable enough to resist heavy weight, spilled food and cleaning chemicals. Floor tiles online are available at various websites and they are lots of websites which will guide you through the whole tile directory. Ensure that you purchase floor tile which says floor tile. If you choose a wall tile for floor, it is a probability that it can cause damage or chipping because wall tiles are not that much durable in comparison to floor tiles. Another aspect is COF (coefficient of friction), Wall tiles are much slippery in comparison to floor tile because of its smooth surface and nature.