Anti-Slip Tiles : All You Need to Know about Anti Slip Tiles

While tiles are becoming increasingly popular as a flooring option, there remain certain drawbacks to tile flooring that need to be overcome to make them ideal for all manner of uses. The development and widespread proliferation of anti slip coatings represent a major breakthrough in tile safety, and as such they have made tiles a much more popular and sensible option.

To make tiles slip resistant, tiles are basically coated with layers of epoxy coating. This epoxy compound can be applied onto any surface, like ceramic, porcelain, vinyl tiles and it provides a surface that allows the soles of shoes to grip onto it, thus massively reducing the slipperiness of tiles. Also, most epoxy compounds are water resistant, therefore they do not absorb water or allow it to stagnate. Thus, slipperiness is further reduced.

Another method of reducing slip of tiles is by designing a rough surface. This is mainly seen in pavement and patio tiles. The tiles are designed with a rough texture and thus facilitate grip and prevent slipping.

The advantages of these anti slip tiles are many. By preventing a vast number of accidents, not only are tiles becoming the preferred type of flooring, but their variety and versatility is making them a runaway success. They are infinitely superior to tiles without any protective coating, and thus are the obvious choice for all future constructions.

Somany Anti Slip Tiles are available in various designs and provide for the best solution to be used in areas specially where there is a danger of one slipping like wet areas, probably bathrooms or other areas like kitchen, backyard among many others.