Tiles for Every Personality: The Bold

If you are someone who claims to be bold and reading this, then it would be hard to argue the fact that you spend most of your time living on the edge. The outdoors have always held a special sway over your life, and the mood for adventure can ignite inside you any given time. For the Bold personalities, their life mantra always hinges around having an indomitable spirit of will. Like a stone, you are always unmoved and steady while facing difficulties, right?

Perhaps this is the reason you always want to create a very natural and daring look for your home – and abode which, for you, should reflect your passion and courage. During your search for the right material for building your house, it is important not to ignore the importance of tiles in the overall aesthetics.

Believe it or not, our tile choices are dictated by our personality. Out of myriad options of tile designs, the best one for someone bold at heart has to be tiles which resemble nature and the outdoors, like stone-finish tiles. Such tiles that provide a natural finish and mimics the appearance of a stone is simply perfect for you. Let’s go through a few tile options that the Bold personality would love to install at his or her home.

Durastone – For the Perfect Stone Resemblance

The earthy designs of the Durastone natural stone-like floor tiles series will capture the soul of every bold personality with their raw and edgy finish. Ideal for the outdoors, such as your porch, the highly robust and durable Durastone floor tiles will always give you the feeling that walking outside your house is a journey that leads to a stunning discovery. The tile shown above is Charlestone Grey from the Durastone Stone 16 series.

Duragres Tesoro – Tiles That Draw Inspiration from Nature

The latest entrant to the vast Somany collection, the Duragres Tesoro borrows heavily from the architectural beauty of ancient times to bring you premium colour body tiles. The great thing about these tiles is that they are available in a variety of finishes such as wood, stone and metallic. The Bold personality is always keen in creating something unprecedented and audacious. In this regard, these history-inspired tiles, especially the ones with wooden and stone finish will definitely capture your imagination. If you want your house to resemble a lair filled with treasures, then there is no better interior floor tiling option.

Duragres Wall Claddings – For a Rustic Interior

While you can always choose wall tiles for living room, we know a bold personality’s heart all too well. Why not opt for the Duragres wall claddings, then? It is a stunning range of wall claddings that are essentially full body glazed vitrified tiles which bear a very medieval stone appearance. The Escolo Grey product depicted above is a prime example of the beauty of these claddings which evoke the feeling of antiquity and mystery.

It’s time to bring out the boldness in your home with Somany’s meticulously-crafted tiles for your personality.