Changes in Tile Manufacturing

Tile Manufacturing has come a long way from handmade to automated manufacturing.

Somany Ceramics invest heavily in R&D. Our machinery is regularly updated and new technology is utilized to provide world-class tiles. In the near future we should see the use of Digi printers and bigger Tonnage  Presses in manufacturing processes that will be more technologically and thus functionally advanced. As the consumer demands are evolving, we can also see innovative Kinetic Tiles, tiles with Nano finish and thin tiles coming in the market. Also, tiles with larger formats are being preferred by the consumers now.

India the Third largest Producer of Tiles

Being a developing country, India is on its growth track. There is a lot to be achieved. It is in response to the growing demand that we are 3rd largest tile producers in the world. The trend in terms of tile use in India is in line with the international trend. As Indians are inclined internationally to adopt the latest styles and fashions, new and refurbished homes in India are increasingly looking like those in the West. And, as Indians have increasingly also lived abroad, they expect the same finish and look when they are back home. Hence, the consumption of tiles is set to grow in the coming years.

Innovations being done by Somany Ceramics

Somany Ceramics is known for its innovative products, which are functionally as well as aesthetically advanced. With  a strong R&D team in place, we are presenting innovating products every now and then. The latest innovation from Somany is “Glosstra” which is India’s glossiest tiles. these wall tiles with high gloss surfaces are being used in spaces  to give a  sense of wide, open, and well-lit ambiance. Glosstra tiles are produced using high definition digital printing and are available in vibrant patterns and colors.

We recently launched ‘Slip-Shield’ floor tiles in which a coating is applied on the tiles which keeps the co-efficient of friction high even when the surface is wet and soapy. These tiles have been independently tested and certified by the Ceramic Research Company, Malaysia, which is the foremost independent institution in the world for scientific research in physical, chemical and thermal properties of ceramic products. We have the patented technology, “VeilCraft” (VC) Shield” technology, that is a ‘high abrasion-resistant glaze composition’, which not only gives the perfect aesthetics for one’s space but also lifelong protection to the floor.