Apka Style, Somany Style – Tiles for Every Personality

Today, the notion of individuality is more celebrated than ever. The place we live at speaks a lot about our characteristics and personality. Therefore, there is a greater need to empower individuals with the ability to choose and decide when it comes to building their perfect little world.

At Somany, we do exactly that, which is why we have an assortment of tile designs for every personality type. After all, in a world where no two individuals are alike, how can their choices be? Our tiles not only build an aesthetic identity of any space but also subtly mirror our unique personalities in their design.

Therefore, whether you’re someone organized or messy; artistic or scientific; lavish or subtle; or tough or delicate, we have the perfect tiles to help you personalize your space with your style. Check it out:


If you’re someone who seeks true beauty and aesthetic appeal in everything, then you are an Arty. What better than our Duragres Planks collection of porcelain wood-effect tiles, then, to turn your home into a sanctum of creativity and inspiration? These faux wood tiles come with stunning finishes that such as weathered, vintage, exotic and modern wood that are durable, scratch and wear-resistant, and effortlessly imaginative.


When we think of a Rockstar personality, we think of tiles that reflect never-ending passion i.e. our newly-launched Duragres Tesoro collection. This series brings you premium colour body tiles available in a variety of finishes such as the metal finish collection that perfectly mimics the natural lustrous look of metals. These glazed vitrified tiles with high footfall resistance are prefect in case you have regular jam sessions in the house!


Edgy and masculine, the Bold personalities seek a thrill and authority in life that is signified with their vaunted interest in our ultra-durable Durastone stone-finish tile collection.  Breathe life into your living space with its raw and macho finish, and dare to be audaciously brilliant. As for matching wall tiles for living room, look no further than the sophisticated Duragres glazed vitrified claddings with a stony look.


For the Classy personality, the walls and the floor should utterly stun onlookers. It makes sense, then, to opt for the utterly sophisticated Polished Vitrified tiles from our portfolio that elevate your style gregariously. Choose from ultra-charged, full-polished and mirror finishes that cast an enviable aura of luxury.


If you appreciate the unconventional and live life nonchalantly, then you’re a Messy personality. Our GVT collection tiles, especially ones with a matte finish, go well with your laidback personality. These easy-to-maintain tiles let you enjoy your space with utmost freedom!

Delicate Darling

If you’re a Delicate Darling whose choices lean towards the bright, the floral and the colourful, our stunning Glosstra tiles bring out the dazzle and the hue which mirror the celebration that is your life! Made with digital printing technology, these tiles bring to life the most amorous floral patterns on your walls.

Found your type? Whatever your peculiarity, technicality or mentality, we have tiles for every personality! Watch this space for more tile-style guides to match your personality.