Turn Heads With Beautiful Flooring

Floor tiles are the best way to add a different charm to your home. With wood, marble, and stone finish floor tiles, you can create any dream look for your space. With Somany Ceramic Floor Tiles, you can take your plans to the next level as you enjoy an added level of strength and beautiful designs. Inspired from natural textures and look, Somany Ceramics has the biggest collection of floor tile designs, so you can choose what suits your home the best.

Be it your kitchen, living room or bathroom, Somany Ceramics brings you immense variety with finishes, textures, patterns, and sizes, including 1x1, 1x2, 2x2 floor tiles. Whether you want a plush look or the subtle charm of simple colours, each and every tile from Somany Ceramics will bring you full consistency and a head-turning decor. Get all the benefits of the best floor tiles for your projects, available at the best prices. Whatever your need is Somany Ceramics has something for everyone.

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6 Items

    Thunder Ivory
    Size : 300x300mm
    Strio Trend Wood
    Size : 196x1200mm
    Odessa Ivory
    Size : 396x396mm
    Nexa Gold
    Size : 800x800mm
    Ultra Charge
    Gs Segesta Gold
    Size : 600x600mm
    Enorme Dyna Gold
    Size : 800x1600mm
    Full Polished
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6 Items