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    In recent years, technology has spread its wings in every industry. Touch and touchless technology are making our homes smart and lives convenient.

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    Today, smart is the most attractive - smartphones, smart TVs, smart vehicles, and the list goes and on.

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    The bathroom looks incomplete without any "Outstanding bathware pieces" and homeowners accept this fact that basins, bathroom vanities, or bathroom countertops are a focal point of any bathroom.

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    In today’s time where technology is getting better at a fast rate, hot water geysers are making our lives way easier. But, at the same time, the cost of living is also increasing day by day. 

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    Technology has rewarded us with some great solutions to some of the most baffling
    problems ever. One such technology is the proximity sensor which has found its use in
    almost every aspect that we can imagine.

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    Every building, home and office have to meet the basic criteria of having a proper bathroom. Since bathrooms form one of the major essentials during the construction, 

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    With time, the need for modern contactless technologies and utilities has risen to maintain a hygienic environment, especially during this pandemic. The demand for automated things has increased manifolds.

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    When we plan to build our home, we want everything to be good. We take care of all standpoints, including the level of hygiene that will have to be maintained in certain areas of the house.

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    What not we do to give the best touch to our homes? From the construction materials to the interior design & the best tiles for home, we try to choose everything to perfectionHiring and purchasing the best of the best is what our eyes always search for.

    But, this is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are also the one, then fret not. Here are some ideas of designs and styles for so many tiles. These tiles are differently patterned and will surely steal your heart.

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    Somany Ceramics have always been a pacesetter in design and innovation in the tiles and bath-ware category with a continual endeavour of serving the best to its customers.

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