Dry bathrooms are a modern norm and this trend is generally adopted from western countries. Gone are the days when we use to use to put buckets at one corner of the bathroom to make it look clean. Nowadays, a majority of people prefer to have a dry bathroom as it decreases the chances of accidents and keeps the bathroom germ-free.

In the current situation, bathroom cleaning has become very essential but the problem is that only some people prefer to do it while some are not aware of the importance of keeping a dry bathroom. Well, this blog explains the importance of keeping the bathroom dry and clean along with some helpful tips.

Major Reasons to Keep Your Bathroom Dry & Clean

  • Wet bathrooms give out a nauseating damp smell and mark a negative impression on the guests.
  • Water accumulated in the corner of the bathroom walls leaves permanent stains on the floor and makes it look unclean or dirty.
  • Wet bathroom has maximum chances of falls or slips and is very risky if you have kids or old people at your home.
  • Bacteria and germs grow at a much faster rate in wet areas and can easily spread through the entire home.
  • The smell coming from a wet bathroom not only makes it embarrassing for you but also ruins the overall appearance of the bathroom.

Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Floor Dry

1. Keep Thorough Ventilation

Keeping proper ventilation is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a dry bathroom. When you have improper ventilation in the bathroom, the moisture from showers remains inside the bathroom area and lead to a damp or musty smell. That’s why you should always have a top-notch ventilation fan installed in your bathroom

2. Use Effective Cleaning Products

Another best way to keep your bathroom dry and clean is by using the right cleaning products. Avoid buying cheap quality products as they will not only make your bathroom look unclean but also leave stains on the floor. Invest in buying the best cleaning tools like steam mops or grout cleaners so that you can make your bath space sparkling clean and dry.

3. Install Best Shower Enclosure

Installing a high-quality shower enclosure is one of the best ways to separate the wet and dry areas of your bathroom. A shower enclosure surrounds the shower area as it is installed with railings or curtain rods fixed within the ceilings. So, if you want to keep your bathroom dry and clean even after taking a bath, then installing shower enclosure is the right choice.

4. Install Water-Resistance Tiles

Apart from using the right cleaning products and using the best bath fittings, tiles also hold great importance in keeping the bathroom dry and clean. So, make sure to install water-resistance tiles that are easier to clean and keep your bathroom dry. Doing so decreases the chances of falls or slips and the elderly & kids can easily navigate in the bathroom without any risk.

5. Use Proper Cleaning Technique

Finally, the last tip to keep your bathroom dry and clean is using a proper cleaning. Sometimes, it becomes really challenging to get rid of hair and debris present on the bathroom floor. In that case, using a vacuum can be of great help. So, run a vacuum over the floor of your bathroom but without spinning the brush roll. You can perform this activity once a week.

So, there you have it! Just implement these aforementioned tips while cleaning your bathroom and maintain a sparkling clean and dry bathroom throughout. Along with this, make sure to install the best bathroom fittings as they also play a great role in providing the ultimate bathroom experience. Here at Somany Ceramics, we aim to provide top-notch bath fittings  and sanitary ware to help you get an amazing bath experience under your budget. Reach us and make your bathroom look elegant and a safer place for the elderly and kids.