Wall Tiling Trends for 2017

Wall tiling is an easy and impactful way to accentuate the walls of your room. Traditionally restricted to bathrooms, wall tiling has now made its way into every part of the modern home. Adding a statement wall to your room helps give it a personality – whether it’s sophisticated, over-the-top or rustic. We have rounded up for you, a few of the most popular wall tiles trends this year

Colour Block

Our personal favourite – colour blocking, is striking without being overwhelming. You can select any two contrasting tones – rust orange with white, teal with grey or pastel pink with black. Enhance the light hued base with just a touch of the brighter/darker coloured tile. This pop of colour can be in the form of a neat border, an abstract concept or even a juxtaposition of multiple tones. Colour blocking also adds depth to an otherwise plain wall, making it the crowning glory of your room.

Depending on the functionality of your room, its size and exposure to sunlight, choose your colours and patterns wisely. A dark shade like emerald, for example, may not be ideal for a dimly lit hallway, just like a fuchsia and black combination could be a bit too garish for your living room.


A classic trend that will never quite fade away is monochrome and this year, we are seeing monochromatic tiles in playful prints and patterns. Introduce monochrome Wall tiles behind the sofa of your living room for an instant ‘wow’ factor. You could in fact adopt the monochrome trend for the entire space, using green as an accent hue. This could either be in the form of a potted plant, rug or cushion covers


Modern mosaic tiling is a rendition of age-old Indian and Persian art forms. They continue to be popular thanks to the vast array of colour and size variations that they offer. This year, we are seeing a dominance of browns and Greece-inspired indigo and white combination in mosaic tiles. And if you’re in the mood to experiment, use mosaic tiles around your fireplace ledge to create a bold focal point in your living room.

Au Naturale

The indoor-outdoor living trend is here to stay and the key to blending these two spaces seamlessly is using the architectural elements correctly. To mirror the outdoors, you could either go for ceramic wood-looking tiles or up the vintage appeal with distressed moss or mirror tiles. Tiles that look like wood not only retain the warmth of real wood but are also easy to maintain and resist moisture