Sensor Faucets: How Installing Them Can Be Beneficial for You?

With time, the need for modern contactless technologies and utilities has risen to maintain a hygienic environment, especially during this pandemic. The demand for automated things has increased manifolds. If we talk about our homes, then it very essential to keep places like bathroom and kitchen germ-free as they are considered as bacteria-ridden spots. Especially the faucets, we touch faucets many times in a day and the chances of getting infection increases if multiple people use the same tap. This is why the majority of people are switching to sensor faucets nowadays.

But, this is not the only reason why people are opting for touchless faucets. There are a lot of advantages to it. Let’s have a look at them!

 Benefits of Installing Sensor Faucets

How Installing Sensor Faucets Proves to Be Beneficial for You?


#1 - Sensor Faucets Conserve Water

 Sensor faucets are the ideal solution for saving water. In fact, almost one gallon (3.79 litres) of water can be saved in every round of handwashing (Approx 20 seconds). By looking at today’s environmental conditions, it is becoming crucial to conserve water so that the future generation can survive easily. This can be done by installing sensor faucets as they turn off automatically and use less water in every cycle.


#2 - Sensor Faucets can Control the Flow Rate

 Another benefit of using sensor faucets is that the flow rate of the sensor faucets is already set and the user does not need to pull the lever again and again. A study reveals that 99% of the time consumers want the same flow of water. Pre-setting the flow rate helps to avoid splashing and keeps the bathroom cleaner. Also, sensor faucets don't need much maintenance as no one touches them again and again. 


#3 - Senor Faucets Keeps You Hygienic

 In today’s time, every individual is suggested to maintain a safe social distance so that the germs do not flow from one person to the other. Using sensor faucets can be a great idea in such situations. We all know that the germs keep on increasing every time different people touch that tap, so why not switch to the sensor faucet. Whenever your hand appears in front of it, water starts flowing instantly. This is how using a sensor faucet can keep you hygienic and free from germs.


Finishing Up!!!

Now you must have got a clear idea of the benefits of using sensor faucets. They make the hand-washing process quick and convenient for everyone. Such sensor faucets are becoming increasingly common and sought for both private and public use, with better hygiene and ease of use. You can also check out Somany’s exclusive kitchen faucets (, and bathroom faucets to make your home completely hygienic.