How to choose best Bathroom Tiles

When we are going for the home decor there are different perceptions when choosing the most important part of the home. There are always different answers to it. Some would say it is living room, some would say it the bedroom. But nobody would even utter a word about the bathroom. You would be surprised to know that the bathroom plays a vital role in completing the finesse of your house. The centre of both hygiene quality and health is indeed your bathroom.

A bathroom can signify the radical love of architecture and the sense of hygiene of that particular family. Sidelining a bathroom in the creation and inputting of ideas in your home making process is not the way to build an economic home. You need to focus on every part of your home.

If Bathroom becomes an important part of your home, so do the tiles you choose for your bathroom that give in the effect and texture requiredHow to select your bathroom tiles is a question that you would ask next.

The answer however would be in several of the following key factors:

  1. Material – Choosing the right material is extremely important. Many options are available out of which ceramic, marble, mosaic, vinyl are some that can be chosen.
  2. Durability – Certain kinds of tiles like the marbles & granite are prone to cracks. But tiles like ceramic, brick and vinyl are quite durable and do not easily wear and tear.
  3. Resistance to Water – Tiles like ceramic or mosaic are good for the bathroom as they are highly resistant to water while hardwood and laminates are not at all good choices.
  4. Maintenance – The texture of the tile and number of grooves on the tiles are crucial and should be considered while checking the ease of maintenance. Certain kinds of tiles like stone tiles require special cleaners. While others can be cleaned normally using the regular cleaners.
  5. Size and shape of the tiles – Tiles these days are not just restricted to square and rectangle but so much more than that. Choosing the right size and shape depends on the size of your bathroom and also the theme you have selected.

Ceramics and tiling are the most important steps towards building a good bathroom that efficiently caters to the needs of your family and maintains the looks and hygiene for a long period of time. Choosing a set of tiles for their durability is as important as the colour or contrast because, changing tile in every few years is not where anyone wants to go with this.  So it becomes highly important to make your decision carefully.