As per the research, bathroom falls or slips are very common among many households, especially, for elderly people. According to the stats issued by the NIA (National Institute of Aging), more than 80% of the seniors fall into the bathroom due to heavy water flow, slippery tiles, or irregular support into the bathroom.

Well, it is never too late to improve the bathroom’s safety for seniors. Even if you are not aware of the issues they are facing while having a bath, taking early precautions can prevent them from falling or slipping in the future. For that, you need not renovate the entire bathroom as some smart design changes or minor renovation can make your bathroom area safe and accident-free.

How to Make Bathroom Safe for Elderly

1. Use Proper Lightening

Sometimes doing simple changes to your bathroom decreases the chances of slips or bathroom falls. As we all know that poor lightening can increase the risk of falls because of poor visibility, so make sure to use proper lighting in the bathroom. Not only this, but you should also make sure to keep the path from the bathroom to the bedroom well-lit.

2. Fix Grab Bars

Grab bars are one of the most essential bathroom fittings that are very useful for elders with poor balance and lessen the difficulty of walking into the bathroom. Generally, old peopl rely on towel rails to keep themselves balanced. In that case, you can install grab bars into your bathroom as it increases safety and reduces the risk of falling into the bathroom.

3. Install a Hand-Held Showerhead

Installing a hand-held shower is always a great option for the bathroom and not only for elder people but for everyone. As per the experts, installing this type of shower is a hassle-free process as they come with multiple functions and settings so you can easily pick one of your choices. This shower always comes with a variety of spray-settings that makes it easier for old people to control the pressure of the water and reduce the chances of accidents.

4. Use Senor Taps

Nowadays, the role of sensor taps comes into major play, especially in this pandemic situation. Installing sensor faucets into the bathroom not only make it easier to use taps for elderly people but also help them stay away from infection. These taps are very beneficial if installed properly in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

5. Keep All the Essential Items Within Reach

While taking bath, seniors should be able to easily access all the toiletry items with ease that too without stretching or bending much. So, the best way to ensure that all the products are within reach of an elderly person is installing a shower caddy. You can also mount it into the wall if possible as the suction cup has more chances of falling off the wall.

6. Place Skid-Free Bathroom Mats

Bathroom mats add a modern touch to your bathroom while being extremely useful. Placing skid-free mats into the bathroom makes it easier for old people to navigate the bathroom easily that too without the risk of falling. Make sure to place the mats where there are more chances of falling like under the shower or near the bathtub.

By following these aforementioned safety measures, you can easily transform your bathroom into a safer place for old people or anyone with mobility issues. Make sure to install the best bathroom fittings with great durability and high quality. At Somany Ceramics, we aim to provide top-notch and durable bathroom fittings including sensor faucets, hand-held
showerheads, anti-skid tiles, or other sanitary items to reduce the risk of accidents. To ensure safety, you can rely on our sanitary items or bathroom fittings and get high-quality material under your budget.