5 Quick easy things people with spotless bathrooms do every day

Adopt these habits and your toilet, shower, wash basin, and sink will always sparkle.

 If the bathroom is your least favourite space in your entire home to clean, we hear you. It's messy, germy, and sometimes smelly. But what if we told you by adopting a few daily habits you can actually clean this room less often and it will be way easier? Here are a few of the things people with clean bathrooms do every day that you must try!

1. Make it a point to empty the trash as soon as it’s full

Even the smallest amount of garbage can leave a room smelling foul and looking cluttered. Instead of letting trash pile up empty it right away and keep you bathroom clean and fresh.

2. Spray your surroundingsafter you shower

Now that you're so fresh and so clean, you need to take an extra minute to give your bath space the same treatment. Before you get out make sure you quickly spray your vanity wash basinand walls which will hardly take you 2 minutes, try it and you’ll know.

3. Put away your dirty clothes

As you get out of your bathroom grab you clothes and put them to wash right then and there. Imagine you pile up all your clothes in the bathroom for days together, this not only spoils your clothes but also messes up you bathroom and when you get to clean your bathroom it look hectic. This tip is quite handy if you are someone who works over the week and wants to relax over the weekend.

4. Turn on the exhaust fan when they enter their bathroom.

It's the first thing you must do when you enter your bathroom and flipping off the fan before you leave. "This helps keep the air inside the bathroom fresh and keeps mildew at bay

5. Put everything in its place.

 Last but not the least make sure everything is kept in place before you leave you bathroom to kick start your day!