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  1. Experts Tips to Furnish a Small Bathroom to Make It Look Spacious & Glam!

    With limited bathroom space, sometimes home owners face a lot of challenges and couldn’t find the best solution to make it look bigger. Are you too among them? Well, this blog has the solution to your query. So, do not miss reading it.

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  2. Why Ceramic Tiles Are the Best Option for Your Workspace? Everything You Need to Know!

    Whether you’ve recently started working remotely or want to give your existing workspace a new look, ceramic tile is the best to choose. It offers so many perks that you will get to know while reading this blog.

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  3. 6 Helpful Tips on How To Make Your Bathroom Safe For The Elderly

    As per the research, bathroom falls or slips are very common among many households, especially, for elderly people. According to the stats issued by the NIA (National Institute of Aging), more than 80% of the seniors fall into the bathroom due to heavy water flow, slippery tiles, or irregular support into the bathroom.

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  4. Why And How Should You Keep Your Bathroom Floor Dry?

    Dry bathrooms are a modern norm and this trend is generally adopted from western countries.

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  5. Top Considerations When Replacing Manual Faucets with Touch-Free Sensor Faucets

    Today’s safety-conscious environment necessitates us to go touch-free and contactless as much as possible.

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  6. Build Your Home Better With Germ-Shield Flooring

    The floor goes through a lot every day, a statement that is a truth no matter where you are right now. Malls, airports, railway heads, supermarkets, and just about any place gets a large amount of footfall.

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  7. Top 5 Myths About Touchless Faucets Debunked

    In recent years, technology has spread its wings in every industry. Touch and touchless technology are making our homes smart and lives convenient.

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  8. Somany Ceramics Presents An All-New Range Of Smart Sensing Sanitary and Toilet Products

    Today, smart is the most attractive - smartphones, smart TVs, smart vehicles, and the list goes and on.

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  9. A Guide to Choose the Right Wash Basin for Your Bathroom

    The bathroom looks incomplete without any "Outstanding bathware pieces" and homeowners accept this fact that basins, bathroom vanities, or bathroom countertops are a focal point of any bathroom.

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  10. Tips to Make Your Hot Water Geyser Energy Efficient

    In today’s time where technology is getting better at a fast rate, hot water geysers are making our lives way easier. But, at the same time, the cost of living is also increasing day by day. 

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