Bigger doesn’t always mean better! Even the big bathroom feels impersonal and unattractive if not maintained properly. On the other hand, even small bathrooms can provide you with a cosy and comfortable touch if furnished smartly. But, a lot of people do not focus on some important factors while building a bathroom and later on wonder “How to make my small bathroom look big?”

Well, there are a lot of ways that can turn a small bathroom into a roomy space. Want to know the tips to make a small bathroom look bigger? This blog sheds light on the same, so give it a read.

Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Big and Appealing

Tip 1 - Focus On Bathroom Furniture

When dealing with a small bath space, you should choose the bathroom furniture wisely. Your choice should depend on how you can achieve maximum functionality by installing bath-fittings smartly. So, focus more on picking the bathroom items that are not only functional but also look stylish and add a modern touch to your space. 

For Example - You can opt for a single vanity, free-standing washbasin mounted on top of vanity as it consumes less space and looks trendy. 

Tip 2 - Use Lighting On Point

Lighting plays a major role in making a small bathroom look more glamorous and spacious as well. Installing lighting on a point will brighten up your bathroom and make it sparkle. A well-lit bathroom will showcase all your bath fittings and provide maximum comfort of use. 

For Example - Focus more on adding multiple lights around your vanity as it will reflect a more spacious look to your bath space.

Tip 3 - Play with Colours

Regardless of interior bathroom design that you’ve chosen, your small bathroom will appear more spacious and brighter when you opt for a lighter pastel tone. Avoid going with darker colour palettes and try to add a touch of light tone colours to your bathroom as it will make the ambience look clean and elegant.

For Example - You can make a feature wall into your bathroom by adding on some contrasting colour to the walls. This will leave a stunning effect on your bathroom.

Tip 4 - Install Big Mirrors

Installing a mirror into your bathroom is one of the cheapest ways to turn your small bathroom into a roomy space. Simply extending the mirror across the entire wall will reflect natural light and add an appealing touch to your space. This is the best way to opt when you do not have enough budget to spend more on a renovation.

For Example - Always place the mirror strategically in the bathroom where there is room for sunlight to enter so that it automatically reflects natural light to the overall space.

Tip 5 - Pick the Right Flooring

Finally, the last yet the most effective tip, i.e., picking the right flooring can also help you make your small bathroom look big. Not only this, but you can also use tiles on both the floor and walls to add a reflecting touch to your bath space. For the walls, you can opt for sparkling tiles and for the flooring it is best to go with anti-skid tiles with a little shiny touch. 

For Example - You can install tiles on the vanity backsplash, walls, and flooring to create a bigger bathroom look. As tiles are very easy to clean and maintain, so you need not spend more time on the cleaning as well.

By following these aforementioned budget-friendly tips, you can transform your small space into a practical and clutter-free bathroom. To get the best bath fittings or sanitary items, get in touch with Somany Ceramics. We have a wide range of bathroom fittings, tiling, and more that can add an elegant touch to your space. Visit the store today!