Tiles for Every Personality: The Classy

When it comes to spotting someone with a Classy personality, the giveaways are pretty simple. They will always be impeccably dressed, following a strict adherence to the classic look. The same penchant for magnificence can be spotted at a Classy personality’s lavish home. Right from the tasteful furniture to the art décor, this personality cherishes the grandeur of life. This is where their tile choices also stand out for being spotless, shining and spectacular.

If you have a Classy personality and believe in the mantra that everything that you possess, right from your attitude to your home, should capture the imagination of onlookers, then selecting the right set oftiles is critical. At Somany, the perfect fit for you is the vitrified range of tiles from our portfolio that look gorgeous and royal quite effortlessly. Here are the best tile choices for the Classy personality:

Somany Vitro for a dazzling and a regal setting

The very best polished vitrified tiles from Somany feature in the Vitro collection and are perfectly in sync with a Classy personality’s eye for splendour. It is the sparkling and glossy finish that imparts these tiles with an outstanding appearance. One can choose from a huge range of impressive finishes such as Mirrored, Soluble Salts, Twin Charge, Ultra Charge, and Terrazo.

But it’s not just the shine that makes these vitrified tiles so special. A Classy personality never compromises on quality for aesthetics, and the Somany Vitro collection has the perfect balance of both. These tiles come with a superior Nano Technology that lends the product qualities of being anti-stain, anti-scratch, highly lustrous, highly durable, and eco-friendly. Maintenance also becomes hassle-free with the antibacterial properties of the nano-polished tiles. It is these qualities of  strength and beauty that are cherished by the Classy personality. As a plus point, there are no other similar products in the market having such a good vitrified tiles price point.

Soluble Salts vitrified tiles for creating the classic modern look

A Classy personality always wants his walls, floors and rooms to be conversation starters. Staying true to this quality, he or she should opt for the Soluble Salts vitrified tiles from the Somany Vitro collection. These clean and durable vitrified tiles that take the art of tile-laying to another level, resulting in sleek and classy spaces. These tiles appeal to the core strength of the material, and guarantee a high gloss premium look to the interiors. As for their quality, you can bank upon the eco-friendliness and high durability of these Soluble Salt tiles that come in a variety of patterns and finishes.