Miles Of Tiles

Leaders in Design and Innovation 

In a market dominated by cut throat competition and ever-changing customer needs, the ability of a brand to evolve and rise above the rest sets it apart.Somany has emerged as a leader in the industry with focus on design and innovation. The company has thus carved a niche for itself in the Indian tile industry with innovative products, which are backed by cutting-edge technology. Somany believes in delivering products that have better designs, better futures, better technology and a better range.Somany tiles are known for their quality, longevity and durability. The brand stands for youthfulness, affordability and fashion and is looked upon as a status symbol.

Better Designs

With changing trends in home deccor, flooring is not only a functional accessory but also a fashion statement. In association with premier design houses in Spain and Italy, Somany has developed new designs, products and concepts to elevate the ambience of living spaces. Somany launched a special range oftiles, Glosstra, India’s glossiest tiles, with a special glossy coating that accentuates the colours and thedesigns of the tiles. The company offers a wide range of elegantly designed tiles that are backed by superior technology.

Better Technology

Somany is a pioneer in technology in the Indian ceramics industry. With focus on R&D, the company continues to provide better products to its customers through continuous innovations. It was one of the first companies in India to implement the roto-printing technology. With the introduction of digital printing, the company now produces over 75 percent of its tiles using the new-age technology. Somany owns the patent for the revolutionary VC shield technology and uses other state-of-the-art innovations such as slip shields, Nano technology and ultra-gloss technology to provide the best of features to its customers

Better Features

Every customer walks into  a showroom with different needs. Somany firmly believes in this fact and has thus, laid emphasis on producing India’s best and the most functionality beneficial tiles. From scratch and the abrasion resistance to superior grip and high load-bearing capacity, Somany has tiles to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Not only this, but it was also the first company to introduce 800x800mm glazed vitrified tiles (GVT) followed by the introduction of the 600mmx1200mm GVT, 400mmx800mm GVT and 800mmx800mm polished vitrified tiles (PVT), thus adding to its wide range of unique products.

Better Range

Somany offers a world of choices for all its products. From different sizes and designs to functional benefits, usability, price range and technology, it offers solutions for every prospective customer to select  a tile that fits into his budget and matches his unique style. A trusted company for over four decades, Somany offers a diverse product portfolio to its customers. Driven by quality and innovation, Somany has established itself as a brand that not just makes tiles, but makes the better tiles