Factors to be considered while choosing the best Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are in great demand right now and are being used in bold and innovative ways every day. Tiles are being used almost everywhere as an interior decoration choice. It is the versatility and relative quality of tiles that make them such an enlightened choice. As the tiles industry have developed more and more, so too have the options available to you, and thus now you need to consider several factors if you want to pick the optimum tile for your needs.

1) Location – Where you are planning to apply the wall tiles, location plays an important role during the selection process. Outdoor use requires more durable tiles. Some types of tiles are too delicate to stand the daily wear and tear, and some may become unsightly if exposed to outdoor pollution and dust. For example, for your home, where the atmosphere is relatively controlled and the tiles will receive regular cleaning, more delicate tiles can be chosen, however, for an office or a facade, heavy-duty tiles need to be selected for proper functioning.

2) Design & Patterns - This will obviously effects the designs and patterns available to choose from. By choosing more delicate tiles, you can create more patterns and have access to better colours that help create an aesthetic look, something not really possible in a workspace. Aesthetic consideration are always second to traffic considerations however, otherwise the tiles may take damage and crack. Non stick layers are also good to have, since they make the cleaning of the tiles infinitely easier in situations like kitchens.

3) Size – The size of the space is a factor that is important while making such decisions. This influences the maximum size of the tile that you can use, since aesthetic considerations are to be taken into account. Too bright colours cannot be chosen for small rooms, and neither can large patterns, as it will not be visible enough. Also, with things like mosaic tiles in great demand, which offer you full control over size, shape and colour, you can customize most spaces to your hearts’ content.

4) Plumbing & Wiring – Another factor is the plumbing and wiring. Wall tiles are indoor most of the time, and all care must be taken to ensure they are properly glued into the wall. If the plumbing is weak and prone to leaks, then care needs to be taken to choose durable waterproof tiles or else the life of the tiling is drastically reduced. Similarly, if the wiring is in need of regular repairs and you have to remove tiles to make that happen, then ultimately the whole wall is weakened drastically. To conclude, pick the tile to suit your creative tendencies but make sure it can also fulfill it’s practical applications as well.