Best Wall tiles

Tiles have become an integral part of decor. Wall tiles help portray a subtly classy backdrop, irrespective of the environment and are like artefacts that reflects a style statement. Tiles are now highly sought after for adding allure to the ambience of living spaces of living spaces, not just in homes but also in offices, hotels, commercial complexes etc. The advancement in digital technology has opened entirely new avenues for innovations and we are witnessing a Tile Renaissance around us. With technological advancements and creativity in designs, there are numerous choices in look, feel and application of tiles that greatly enhance the beauty of ambient spaces.

The Ultra Glossy Tiles

To add that X-effect in your decor, Glosstra, India’s glossiest wall tiles is launched by Somany. Glosstra comes in a wide range of bright and vibrant colours, accentuated by an extraordinary, glossy surface. Light plays a definitive role in highlighting the decor and add to its charm. Glosstra, with its high gloss finish, reflects light and propagates a  sense of wide and open area. the use of high definition digital printing captures the intricate detailing on the tile surface, and creates a virtually seamless canvas. Glosstra tiles are created using ‘Ultra Gloss Technology’. with fabric texture, undulated surfaces, and stone finishes. A special tonality of pink colour in magenta hues is extensively used in its designs while motifs and floral patterns feature prominently. Glosstra also includes special concept tiles that go very well with children’s rooms and kitchen walls.

The reactive coating on Glosstra tiles have 3rd firing, which creates a depth in the tile surface and gives it a completely unique and stunning appearance. for those who like their tiles subtle and elegant, Glosstra is also available in ‘Matte’ finish. Engineered to perfection with revolutionary digital printing technology, Glosstra comes in a 30 cm X 60 cm size, to minimize joints.

 Wall that Stands Out!

Tiles outperform and outlive any other kind of wall covering. they provide better hygiene conditions with their stain and dirt resistance. and can be cleared with a damp mop, sponge or common household cleaners. A ‘feature’ wall with digital tiling stands out like nothing else. Glosstra wall tiles optimize and enhance the area, while making the ambience more lively and exciting.

Digital tiling is a fashionable and practical way to decorate living spaces. Glosstra wall tiles from Somany create walls that look great while providing a protective surface and enhancing the style quotient of the living space.