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    Tiles have become highly sought after for adding allure to the ambience of living spaces, not just in homes but also in offices, hotels, commercial complexes, etc. With technological advancements and creativity in designs, there are numerous choices in look, feel and applications of tiles that greatly enhance the beauty of ambient spaces.

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    When we are going for the home decor there are different perceptions when choosing the most important part of the home. There are always different answers to it. Some would say it is living room, some would say it the bedroom. But nobody would even utter a word about the bathroom.

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    Wall tiles are in great demand right now and are being used in bold and innovative ways every day. Tiles are being used almost everywhere as an interior decoration choice.

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    Soon after the industrial revolution in India, there has been a dramatic change in the living standards as well as the lifestyles of the working section of the society. There has been a solid impact of globalisation on Indian sanitation habits and manners of the people.

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    Digital tiles are fashionable and practical way to decorate living spaces and Somany’s Glosstra wall tiles create wall that enhance the style quotient of your living spaces.

    The importance of tiles are well known, they add allure to the living spaces, be it homes, offices, hotels or commercial complexes.

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    Vitrified Tiles have various advantages and benefits over other types of tiles available. But which part of the house exactly should we use vitrified tiles in our homes is what we will discuss here.

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    While tiles are becoming increasingly popular as a flooring option, there remain certain drawbacks to tile flooring that need to be overcome to make them ideal for all manner of uses. The development and widespread proliferation of anti slip coatings represent a major breakthrough in tile safety, and as such they have made tiles a much more popular and sensible option.

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    We live in an age today where it’s not possible to live only with natural materials. And vitrified tiles are the most beautiful alternative to them.

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    When we are building or remodeling our house, usually we look into each and every detail of the house. But when it comes to bathrooms and sanitaryware, we usually do not look beyond the traditional ones being used from ages.

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    Over the years, home furnishings designers have always been at the cutting edge. The biggest evidence for this is the tile industry where tiles have constantly developed trendy looks and newer technologies which offer homeowners a plethora of options.

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