5 Tile Trends to Check Out For Your New House

Over the years, home furnishings designers have always been at the cutting edge. The biggest evidence for this is the tile industry where tiles have constantly developed trendy looks and newer technologies which offer homeowners a plethora of options.

Let’s look at 5 top tile trends that have been dominating the market today.

  • New collections released nowadays have texture as their center stage. From naturalistic faux wood grains to sophisticated industrial interpretations of concrete and cement, floor and wall tile designs have taken a major leap. Monochromatic styles have also become minimal.
  • With the age of digital printing setting in, recreating the magic in a replica has become all the more easy and neat with wide range of colors and sizes being available. Digital Duragres by Somany is one such example.

  • The look and feel of tiles is also been changing with patterns designed to give them a softer look like that of geometric area rugs or ancient handwoven carpets.
  • Innovation is not limited to the tile designs alone. Tile trends also include development in the technology in which tiles are laid. These days there are quick tile laying solutions like Ezy Fix and Ezy Grout which help professionals in laying tiles neatly, quickly and accurately.