If your kitchen is looking a little drab, it is high time to upgrade your space by simply adding a fresh coat of paint, upgrading hardware, or experimenting with something new.
Wait! Is your tight budget holding you back?

Don’t be stressed. Here are some of the budget-friendly ways that will help you upgrade your old kitchen and transform it into a modern one. Right from replacing kitchen tiles to bringing in new accessories to your kitchen, we’ve mentioned some of the most affordable ways to update your kitchen in style.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Tip 1 - Add a Backsplash

Adding a modern backsplash can do wonders to enhance your kitchen’s feel. Even if you add simple white tiles with oak cabinets, it will reflect an amazing look. For a more elegant touch, you can go for patterned tiles as such tiles can also help you make space look bigger. 

Tip 2 - Play with Lights

Proper lighting plays a major role in enhancing the beauty of a place. This can be one of the cheapest ways to add glory to your kitchen. You can fix a light in multiple ways to make your kitchen look modern.

For example - You can add hanging tiny white lights, add pendants over the peninsula or sink, etc. This will give a completely new look to your existing kitchen.

Lighting Ideas for Kitchen

Tip 3 - Change the Hardware

If you have a budget to change the kitchen essentials, then this tip will definitely work for you. All you can do is upgrade kitchen faucets, cabinets, etc. This little investment can work for years to come. You can also put modern utensils on the open shelf to add a unique touch to your space. 

Tip 4 - Hide Water Seepage with Tiles

In the kitchen area, there is more usage of water and this is why walls get damp easily. In such a situation, painting or renovating the wall every now and then is not a feasible solution. In this case, you can opt for kitchen wall tiles as it will not cost you much and help you give a fresh look to your kitchen.

Kitchen Tiles for Water Seepage

Tip 5 - Open Up the Walls

If your kitchen is too small and you want to add more space to it, removing some of the upper cabinets can completely transform your kitchen. This will not only reflect more space into your kitchen but you will be able to display stacks on the shelves and create a modern touch to your space. 

Upgrading the existing kitchen is not at all about spending bucks. One can easily give a completely new look to the space that too within a tight budget. No matter whether you decide to implement all of these aforementioned tips for upgrading your kitchen or simply pick one of them, you can successfully transform your kitchen into a new one. At Somany Ceramics, we have a wide range of kitchen tiles  for both the floor and walls. You can pick the best quality material as per your needs and transform your kitchen from a simple to elegant one. Get in touch with us today!