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    With time, the need for modern contactless technologies and utilities has risen to maintain a hygienic environment, especially during this pandemic. The demand for automated things has increased manifolds.

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    When we plan to build our home, we want everything to be good. We take care of all standpoints, including the level of hygiene that will have to be maintained in certain areas of the house.

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    What not we do to give the best touch to our homes? From the construction materials to the interior design & the best tiles for home, we try to choose everything to perfectionHiring and purchasing the best of the best is what our eyes always search for.

    But, this is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are also the one, then fret not. Here are some ideas of designs and styles for so many tiles. These tiles are differently patterned and will surely steal your heart.

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    Somany Ceramics have always been a pacesetter in design and innovation in the tiles and bath-ware category with a continual endeavour of serving the best to its customers.

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    Nothing compares to an enjoyable and warm bath to start a beautiful morning when the winters are all around. This winter, are you planning to buy a new geyser or replace the deteriorating one?

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    Somany is familiar for its unique approach to create trends in the tiling industry. Also, we are well-known for the complete range of tiles with many variants, ‘Slip Shield’ floor tiles being the most revolutionary one.

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    Bathroom is one of the most used rooms, yet overlooked. Bathroom makeover is a great way of giving your home an impeccable boost. Minor changes and remodelling can make a big difference in style and function of the room. Here’s the good news: if you are not ready to undertake a complete reno right now, then these few ways can give your bath space an affordable revive.

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    Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. So, it has a great importance in home décor, both literally and from an aesthetic point of view. From interiors to wall colours to furnishings, anything can be changed without much ado, but same is not applicable to flooring. The process of changing......

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    Floor tiling is an extraordinary decision for your home, from family rooms to kitchens and restrooms. When you've picked the correct floor, your home will look well-finished and enchanting. Here are the most widely recognized kinds of floor tiles to enable you to pick the best kitchen tiles to utilize.

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    As the bathroom continues to be the top renovation priority among homeowners, people are seeking sleek and modern designs that will add value to their homes, and also make their bathrooms appear bigger. 

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