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Perfecting Your Living Room Design Basics

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The living room is where a family spends time together conversing, playing games and watching TV. Other social gatherings like soirées or casual dinners also take place in this part of your house. Clearly then, designing your living room entails close interaction between two key aspects – comfort and style.

For this, is important for you to get the basic design elements right:

Colour Scheme


When it comes to the living room, a neutral colour palette works best as a backdrop. In addition to opening up the space, it serves as a great canvas for injecting personality through other décor elements. Wall tiles, for example, are a great way of introducing texture. You could either opt for various tones of neutral colours like tan, white or grey; or add a pop of colour to create a striking visual contrast.



Less is certainly more in case of furniture. Look for furnishings that don’t overcrowd your living room and facilitate easy movement. Dainty, clean-lined pieces work really well in a small living room.

If space is not a constraint, opt for a plush sofa and place it in the middle of the room, as opposed to against the wall. By grouping the furniture close together, this arrangement brings a sense of intimacy and cosiness to the conversation zone. Area rugs are especially flattering for this set-up, as they help visually define a space, and divide it from other spaces like media zones or the dining area.



The flooring that you choose must ideally serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Glazed vitrified tiles are a suitable fit here. Made with a mixture of clay, feldspar and quartz, these tiles are known for their high durability and low porosity. Stain and scratch resistant, glazed vitrified tiles are easy to maintain and retain their shine for years to come. As an added bonus, vitrified tiles come in a wide variety of finishes, designs and styles. So you can easily mimic the look of marble or wooden tiles, while retaining the properties of vitrified tiles.



Lighting primarily influences the ambience of a room. The key to getting lighting right is by layering it. Diffuse multiple sources of light throughout the room, ensuring that they’re in sync with one another. In living rooms, a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, central fixtures and dimmers can be used depending on the purpose. Accent lights are also popularly used for drawing attention to architectural elements like an art piece, mantel, bookcase or wall treatment.



Curtains play a huge role in pulling a look together and creating a sense of grandeur.  Plus, if you hang them high above the window and extend them right down to the floor, they bring in much more height and airiness. By contrast, small, ill-measured curtains can make the room appear smaller than it really is.

The other good thing about curtains is that you can change them seasonally, or as per your mood. Prints, for instance, impart a playful character whereas translucent curtains have a more breezy appeal to them. Shades of red, orange or yellow can also be used to liven up the area.

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On May 9, 2017

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